Kimble, E. – Hermeneutical Principles of Progressive Revelation

In this 13 page work Hermeneutical Principles of Progressive Revelation by Kimble (Bob Jones University) he examines the progress of revelation of sacred truth. In this work he examines the steps or progress by which God has gradually revealed truth. His sections are: Organic Growth of Revelation, Progressive Revelation is the Key to Biblical Hermeneutics (three principles), and Conclusion.

Griffith-Thomas, W.H. – How we got our Bible

In this twelve chapter book, Griffith-Thomas presents us with the origin of our Bible. He begin with the structure and history of the Bible, then the canonicity, authority, trustworthiness of the Bible. He then presents the unity of the Bible as a testimony to its divine origin, and then deals with the progressiveness of the Bible. He sums up with two chapters on the inspiration of the Bible, the interpretation of the Bible, and finally God’s purpose in giving us the Bible.

Arnold The Christian Life: Its Course, Its Hindrances, and Its Helps.

Christian Life Its Course Its Hindrances and Its Helps is a book of 30+ sermons on different aspects of the Christian life.

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