Davidson – Theology of Old Testament

In this large work (76 chapters), Davidson (a Hebrew Professor) divides the theology of the OT into 11 divisions: The Science of Old Testament Theology; The Doctrine of God the Divine Nature; The Doctrine of God the Spirit; The Doctrine of God the Divine Attributes; The Doctrine of Man; The Doctrine of Man Sin; The Doctrine of Redemption; Doctrine of Redemption Suprahuman Good and Evil; Doctrine of Redemption-Priesthood and Atonement; The Doctrine of the Last Things the Messianic Idea; Doctrine of the Last Things Immortality.

Drummond, H. – New Evangelism and other Papers

Evangelist of the Free Church of Scotland. He worked with Sankey and Moody for a while. In this 6 chapter work by Drummond (Free Church of Scotland), he presents us with a study on New Evangelicalism: Its cardinal doctrines, the method of the new theology, the survival of the fittest, the third kingdom, the problem of foreign missins, the contribution of science to Christianity, and spiritual diagnosis. Drummond was a lecturer against evolution in the Free Churches of Scotland.

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