Griffith-Thomas, W.H. – How we got our Bible

In this twelve chapter book, Griffith-Thomas presents us with the origin of our Bible. He begin with the structure and history of the Bible, then the canonicity, authority, trustworthiness of the Bible. He then presents the unity of the Bible as a testimony to its divine origin, and then deals with the progressiveness of the Bible. He sums up with two chapters on the inspiration of the Bible, the interpretation of the Bible, and finally God’s purpose in giving us the Bible.

Barclay, W. – Making the Bible

In this classic work by british author William Barclay, he explains God’s process of giving us the Bible. Chapters are (1) the Grandeur of the law, (2) the Writings, (3) For further guidance, (4) The final test.
This is a three chapter work (rather long chapters with many subdivisions) about the formation of the Bible and the Canon. Chapers run: The Grandeur of the Law, The Starting-Point of Scripture, Some Discrepancies, The Holiness Code, Just Because the Days of the Prophets Were Held to Have Ended, The Prophets Established, The Writings, Attributed Authorship, The People of the Book, The Emergence of Sacred Scripture, The First Christian Books, Collecting Paul’s Letters, Making the Collection, The Gospels Win Their Place, A Written Gospel, Authoritative and Sacred, Discarding the Old Testament?, The Church’s Decision, Closing of the Books, The Final Completion, The Final Test: Does the Book Speak of Christ? Faith in a Living Saviour

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