Dreamer – Power of the Spirit

The Power of the Spirit

Power of the Spirit
by Percy Dreamer, M.A., D.D.
Professor of Ecclesiastical Art, King’s College London
Humphrey Milford Oxford University Press
London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, New York, Toronto, Melbourne, Cape Town, Bombay 1919
Printed in England at the Oxford University Press

In this short 4 chapter work by Percy Dreamer (Anglican) he does a study on the Power of the Holy Spirit, presenting us with the Military Value, the Gifts of the Spirit, the Talents of the Spirit, and the fruits of the Spirit. 


Democrats violate the Bill of Rights
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1. Military Virtue p 7
2. The Gifts of the Spirit p 27
3. The Talents of the Spirit p 54
4. The Fruits of the Spirit p 81


IN one of the chief text-books of theology used in our theological seminaries, the following references are given by the index:’ Holy Ghost, addition of Article on, 198; Divinity of, 199; distinct personality of, 201; history of the doctrine of, 204; procession of, 209; blasphemy against; 446 seq.- –

This seemed to leave room for a little more upon the subject; I therefore ventured to choose ‘The Power of the Spirit ‘ as the subject for the Page Lectures, at Berkeley Divinity School, Middletown, Connecticut, this year.


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