Talbot, L.T. – Why Four Gospels? The Four-Fold Portrait of Christ

Why Four Gospels? The Four-Fold Portrait of Christ in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John
A Series of Radio Messages

By Louis T. Talbot
Pastor, The Church of the Open Door
President, The Bible Institute of Los Angeles Los Angeles, California

In this 22 chapter work by Talbot (BIOLA), he looks at the four gospels. He sees the differences between them, identifying each one’s particular audience and character.

Copyright © 1944

“Buy the truth, and sell it not; also wisdom, and instruction, and understanding” (Pro 23:23)

Table of Contents

1. Why Four Gospels? the Four-Fold Portrait of Christ

2. Christ-the King of Israel as Portrayed in the Gospel According to Matthew

3. The Announcement of the Kingdom of Heaven as “at Hand” Mat 3:1-17; Mat 4:1-25

4. The Laws of the Kingdom Matthew 5:1-7:29

5. The Credentials of the King Mat 8:1-34; Mat 9:1-38

6. The Messengers of the King Mat 10:1-42

7. Israel’s Rejection of Her King Mat 11:1-30; Mat 12:1-50

8. Professing Christendom During the Absence of the King Mat 13:1-58

9. Shadows of “the Last Days” Mat 14:1-36; Mat 15:1-39

10. in the Shadow of the Cross Matthew 16:1-20:34

11. The Official Rejection of the King by the Nation of Israel Matthew 21:1-23:39

12. The Last Great Prophetic Utterance of the King Mat 24:1-51; Mat 25:1-46

13.the Suffering, Death, and Burial of the King Mat 26:1-75; Mat 27:1-66

14. The Resurrection of the King Mat 28:1-20

15. Christ-the Servant of Jehovah as Portrayed in the Gospel According to Mark

16. Christ-the Son of Man as Portrayed in the Gospel According to Luke

17. Luke – the Human Author – and His Purpose

18. Luke – the Gospel of the Home

19. Christ-the Son of God as Portrayed in the Gospel According to John

20. The Prologue of John: an Awe-Inspiring Foreview of the Book

21. John’s Presentation of the Four-Fold Portrait of Christ

22. The Four-Fold Portrait of Christ in Retrospect

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We look at the causes of depression leading into suicide, and help from God and the Bible.
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pc06 Suicide or something worse?.

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