Ironside Addresses on the Gospel of Luke

Ironside Addresses on the Gospel of Luke

by H.A. Ironside

In this 84 chapter work on Luke by Ironside (Brethren) he treats the entire Gospel of Luke section by section.

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Date:February 4, 2015

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Topics: Evolution violates the First Law of Thermodynamics (the law of Conservation of Energy). | Evolution violates the Second Law of Thermodynamics (dissipation of energy). | The Law of Bio-Genesis where life can only come from some other pre-existent life, thus only perpetuating its own type. | There is no evidence in the fossil registry that supports evolution. | The fossil registry has failed to document even a single “missing link” that would verify beyond doubt the link between ape and man. Java Man-Ape, Piltdown | Evolution fails to explain the existence of even a “simple cell.”
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