Stalker, J. – The Life of Saint Paul

The Life of Saint Paul

by Professor James Stalker, D. D.

Fleming’ H. Revell Company
Copyright © 1912

Stalker is a Presbyterian, and in this classic work on the life of Saint Paul, he examines Paul’s place in history, how God prepared Paul, Paul’s conversion, what was Paul’s Gospel, work, and his various missionary travels, his writings and his character.
Life of Saint Paul

Table of Contents of Life of Saint Paul

1. His Place in History
2. His Unconscious Preparation For His Work
3. His Conversion
4. His Gospel
5. The Work Awaiting the Worker
6. His Missionary Travels
7. His Writings and His Character
8. Picture of a Pauline Church
9. His Great Controversy
10. The End
11. Hints to Teachers and Questions For Pupils

Life of Saint Paul

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