Best God is Love

God Is Love
by W. E. Best
Copyright © 1986 W. E. Best

In this 10 chapter work by Best (Assembly of Christ), Pastor Best studies the love of God. He first looks at love as God declares “God is love”. Then he examines how the divine purpose guarantess the manifestation of God’s love, God’s love elects some, man cannot comprehend this divine love in election, love is discriminating, God loves some and hates others, the difference between God’s hate and wrath, the divine love calls the elect, and God sends his messengers to proclaim this love.

Democrats violate the Bill of Rights
Democrats violate the Bill of Rights I reference an article in American Thinker that explains the Democrats' violation of most of the bill of rights. Whereas they are elected American politicians, each one is sworn to uphold the Constitution, and their way of governing is in flagrant violation of the law they swear to uphold.


1. God Is Love
2. God’s Purpose Guarantees The Manifestation Of His Love
3. God In Love Elected Some
4. Man Cannot Comprehend God’s Love In Election
5. God’s Love Is Discriminating
6. God Love Some And Hates Others
7. God’s Hate And Wrath Differ
8. The Love Of God Is A Truth For Saints
9. In Love God Calls The Elect
10. God Sends Messengers To Proclaim His Love