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Greear, D. – Evidences of the Christian Faith

Evidences of the Christian Faith


This is a 12 chapter work on some of the evidences of the Christian Faith, such as the existence of God, the uniqueness of Christianity and the Bible, the reliability of the Bible, the testimony of archaeology to the Bible, issues between science and the Bible, fulfilled prophecy, the deity of Christ, the resurrection, and other things.

Table of Contents

01 Introduction
02 The Existence of God
03 The Uniqueness of Christianity
04 The Uniqueness of the Bible
05 The Reliability of the Bible
06 Archaeology and the Bible
07 Science and the Bible – Part 1
08 Science and the Bible – Part 2 (The Scientific Evidences for Creation)
09 Fulfilled Prophecy
10 The Deity of Christ
11 The Resurrection
12 Implications of Christian Evidences
13 Annotated Bibliography

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