Broadus 25 Sermons

Broadus 25 Sermons

By JOHN A. BROADUS 1827-1895

In this work, John Broadus presents us with 25 of his sermons on varying topics.

CONTENTS of Broadus 25 Sermons

Democrats violate the Bill of Rights
Democrats violate the Bill of Rights I reference an article in American Thinker that explains the Democrats' violation of most of the bill of rights. Whereas they are elected American politicians, each one is sworn to uphold the Constitution, and their way of governing is in flagrant violation of the law they swear to uphold.

1. Some laws of Spiritual Work
2. The Habit of Thankfulness
3. He ever liveth to Intercede
4. Worship
5. One Jesus
6. Come unto Me.
7. The Lord’s Prayer
8. Christian Joy
9. The Resurrection of our Lord
10. Necessity of the Atonement
11. In Jesus’ Name
12. The Saviour Praying for Us
13. Lessons for the Tempted
14. The Good Shepherd
15. The Light of Life
16. The Prayer of the Woman of Canaan
17. The Pleasures of Piety
18. The Sin of Unbelief
19. The Two Roads of Life
20. Jesus: Saviour
21. The Great Invitation
22. Delight in the Will of God
23. The Saviour Praying for Us
24. Loving Jesus Christ
25. The Doctrines of Grace and Passion for Souls
26. John A. Broadus: Preacher Extraordinary

“Brethren, we must preach the doctrines; we must emphasize the doctrines; we must go back to the doctrines. I fear that the new generation does not know the doctrines as our fathers knew them.”

On January 24, 1827, the fourth and youngest child of Major Edmund and Nancy Broadus was born. John Albert Broadus was to become one of the most influential Baptist leaders in the history of the nation.

Saved in a revival meeting at the age of sixteen, he planned to study medicine at the University of Virginia. A sermon by S. M. Poindexter so challenged him that he surrendered to the call to the ministry instead.

He still entered the university in 1846, and in 1850 he received the M.A. degree. Upon graduation he became the teacher of Greek and Latin at the University of Virginia and also took the pastorate of the Baptist Church of Charlottesville. The next year he resigned the teaching position, and he dedicated himself to the church for the next several years, except for two years spent as chaplain at the university.

In 1857 he met with four other men to plan a new seminary for Baptists in the South. The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary was formally established in 1858, and in 1859 Broadus became a professor there. He was later the second president of the school. Despite the offer of many pastorates, he made the seminary his life’s work, teaching there for thirty-six years.

Whether preaching or teaching, he was noted for being able to state deep truths in a way plain enough for all to understand them clearly. He stressed the importance of this to his ministerial students. His book “A Treatise on the Preparation and Delivery of Sermons” has been a classic on the subject since its publication.

At the height of his popularity and usefulness, he was called home to Heaven on March 16, 1895. His influence played a major role in building the Baptist faith to a place of great strength among American churches.

Broadus 25 Sermons

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