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Barclay, W. – Making the Bible

Making the Bible

by William Barclay

William Barclay was a Scottish author, radio and television presenter, Church of Scotland minister, and Professor of Divinity and Biblical Criticism at the University of Glasgow. He wrote a popular set of Bible commentaries on the New Testament that sold 1.5 million copies. william-barclay.com


In this classic work by british author William Barclay, he explains God’s process of giving us the Bible. Chapters are (1) the Grandeur of the law, (2) the Writings, (3) For further guidance, (4) The final test.

This is a three chapter work (rather long chapters with many subdivisions) about the formation of the Bible and the Canon. Chapers run: The Grandeur of the Law, The Starting-Point of Scripture, Some Discrepancies, The Holiness Code, Just Because the Days of the Prophets Were Held to Have Ended, The Prophets Established, The Writings, Attributed Authorship, The People of the Book, The Emergence of Sacred Scripture, The First Christian Books, Collecting Paul’s Letters, Making the Collection, The Gospels Win Their Place, A Written Gospel, Authoritative and Sacred, Discarding the Old Testament?, The Church’s Decision, Closing of the Books, The Final Completion, The Final Test: Does the Book Speak of Christ? Faith in a Living Saviour

More Works on Bible Origins

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Barclay-Making the Bible
Barclay-Making the Bible
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Bounds Ineffable Glory: Thoughts on the Resurrection

In Bounds ineffable Glory, thoughts on the resurrection, Bounds looks at the resurrection in 22 chapters.

The Ineffable Glory: Thoughts on the Resurrection

By Rev. Edward M. Bounds
with an Introduction by Rev. Homer W. Hodge
Hodder & Stoughton: Limited I: London
By Homer W. Hodge
By George H. Doan Company
“The Resurrection”

More Biographical info on Edward McKendree Bounds at wikipedia.org

Bounds ineffable Glory, thoughts on the resurrection in eSword and theWord formats

In eSword format: Bounds – The Ineffable Glory: Thoughts on the Resurrection ESword
In theWord Format: Bounds – The Ineffable Glory: Thoughts on the Resurrection theWord

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Bounds-ineffable-glory-the-resurrection Bok
Bounds-ineffable-glory-the-resurrection Bok
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Spurgeon, C.H. – All of Grace

All of Grace
by Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Charles Haddon Spurgeon (1834-1892) wrote All of Grace in 1886, and it quickly became his most read book after its printing in June.

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Spurgeon-all-of-grace Bok
Spurgeon-all-of-grace Bok
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Clarke, Adam – Commentary

Adam Clarke Commentary(1762-1832)

A good commentary by a Methodist minister.

Adam Clarke was the most famous commentator the Methodist Church ever produced. As a child he was judged to be rather dull; however, from about eight onward he began to excel in learning. Though his father was of the Church of England, and his mother a Presbyterian, he became a Methodist when he was about sixteen. As his studies progressed he became a master of both Hebrew and Greek, as well as several other languages. He was proficient in the Greek classics, patristic literature, and various disciplines of history and science.

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Clarkes-1810-1825-commentary-and-critical-notes-on-the-bible(tw) Cmt
Clarkes-1810-1825-commentary-and-critical-notes-on-the-bible(tw) Cmt
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