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Bryant, R. – Inspiration and Revelation

AT GRIMSBY, i4th JUNE, 1899 ….


Note: This is a republish from April 11, 2011 of this module. There were three chapters missing which I have found and added/updated.

Brown The Devil's Mission of Amusement
7 page article from 1889. Hollywood in the church and her ministries. Brown was a student of C.H Spurgeon.
Different days demand their own special testimony. The watchman who would be faithful to his Lord and to the city of his God needs to carefully note the signs of the times and to emphasize his witness accordingly. Concerning the testimony needed now, there can be little if any doubt. An evil is in the professed camp of the Lord, that is so gross, so brazen in its impudence, that the most shortsighted of spiritual men can hardly fail to notice it....  Amusement for the people is the leading article advertised by each... until the hideous fact has been proved up to the hilt, that "amusement" is ousting "the preaching of the Gospel" as the great attraction... The Concert is fast becoming as much a recognized part of church life as the Prayer Meeting; and it is already, in most places, far better attended.

"Providing recreation for the people" will soon be looked upon as a necessary part of Christian work, and as binding upon the Church of God, as though it were a Divine command, unless some strong voices are raised which will make themselves heard.

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In this older work by Bryant, he begins with preliminary discussions on the Canon of the OT and NT, and the character of Scripture (divine-human), and errors of Scripture. He then turns to the inspiration of Scripture, and the Holy Spirit’s involvement in the production of Scripture, the prophets (and false prophets), and the writers of Scripture. The he turns to the Scriptures as inspired writings and what this means. Next he explores the revelation of Scripture by God. and the next section the evidences of revelation. In this chapter he deals with miracles and revelation. Finally he deals with the moral manifestion and its relationship with Scripture.

In this 86 chapter book on inspiration and revelation, Bryant (Methodist) has it divided into 5 parts: preliminary discussions (8 chapters), inspiration (13 chapters), The Scriptures as inspired writings (13), revelation (23), and revelation and its evidences (3). This book is a result of the Hartley lectures (Methodist) for 1899.


(1) Importance of the Subject discussed
(2) The Old Testament Canon
(3) The New Testament Canon
(4) The Higher Criticism
(5) The Bible as Literature
(6) Divine and Human Factors in Scripture
(7) Errors of Scripture
(8) Rise and History of the Mechanical Theory of Inspiration


(1) Inspiration and Revelation distinguished
(2) Inspiration of the Agents
(3) The Holy Spirit the Agent of Inspiration
(4) Prophets as Inspired Agents
(5) Prophetic Names and Titles
(6) False Prophets
(7) The How of the Prophets Inspiration
(8) Results of the Prophets Inspiration
(9) The Prophet as Writer
(10) The Apostles as Inspired Agents
(11) The Holy Spirit the Inspiring Agent
(12) The Apostles as Writers –
(13) Limitations of Inspiration


(1) Inspiration of the Writings based on Inspiration of the Writers –
(2) The Pentateuch Inspired
(3) Inspiration of Composite Scriptures
(4) Inspiration attested by the Unity, Harmony, and Purity of Scripture
(5) Inspiration claimed by the Scriptures –
(6) The Testimony of the Lord Jesus to the Inspiration of the Old Testament
(7) Christ Jesus and Modern Criticism
(8) The Witness of the Apostles to the Inspiration of the Old Testament
(9) The Double Sense of the Old Testament Scriptures
(10) The Inspiration of the New Testament Scriptures
(11) The Apostolic Witness to the Inspiration of the New Testament Writings
(12) Ancient Views of Inspiration –
(13) Modern Theories of Inspiration


(1) Revelation and Modern Theology
(2) Revelation: its Meaning and Purpose
(3) God as Revealer and the Revealed
(4) Revelation a Possibility and Reality
(5) Revelation Written
(6) Revelation and its Record
(7) Revelation Independent of the Record
(8) Revelation and its Method
(9) Revelation, Historical and Progressive
(10) Revelation and Israel s Early History
(11) Revelation and Ethnic Religions
(12) Pfleiderer s View Criticised
(13) Revelation and Mosaism
(14) The Leading- Truths of Mosaism
(15) Revelation under the Judges and Former Prophets
(16) Revelation and the Latter Prophets
(17) The Moral Character of God seen in His Covenant Relation to Israel
(18) Revelation and the Hagiographa
(19) Ecclesiastes, Proverbs, Job, and Psalms
(20) Historical Revelation in the New Testament
(21) Revelation: Christ and the Gospels
(22) The Facts and Truths of the Gospel evidenced in the Teachings and Writings of the Apostles
(23) Christ Jesus the Completion of Revelation


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I. Miracles
(1) Miracles and the Manner of Divine Action
(2) Miracles, Probable and Necessary
(3) Revelation and Miracle Historical Aspects
(4) Miracle and the Religious Element
(5) Miracle, Evidential

II. Prophecy an Evidence of Divine Revelation

(1) Prophecy as Miracle
(2) Prophecy Considered as Evidence
(3) Prophecy and the Supernatural
(4) Prediction and Criticism
(5) Prediction and Fulfilment
(6) Prediction and Double-Meaning

III. Evidences Manifold Notably the Moral

(1.) The Witness of the Moral Character of Christ
(2.) The Divine Care and Preservation of the Scriptures
(3) Their Moral Power and Influence
(4) The Ideal of Christian Ethics
(5) Christian Morality is Scientific and Beneficial
(6) The Divine Authority of Scripture
(7) The Scriptures a Living and Abiding Word
(8) Christ and the Scriptures One Witness
(9) Concluding Observations

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