The Right and Wrong Uses of the Bible

by R. Heber Newton (Episcopal)


Richard Heber Newton (31 October 1840)

In 1883 he was accused of heresy for a series of sermons later published in a book, The Right and Wrong Uses of the Bible. He was again accused in 1884 and 1891 but the bishop Henry Codman Potter, refused to go forward.

In 1903 he briefly served as first and last pastor of Stanford Memorial Church at Stanford University.

Note, in these sermons, Newton presents the typical neo-evangelical view of the Bible “containing the Word of God”, not wholly being the Word of God. This is his presentation of his position in the matter.

Contents of Newton Right and Wrong Uses of the Bible

I. The Unreal Bible.
II. The Real Bible.
III. The Wrong Uses of the Bible.
IV. The Wrong Uses of the Bible.
V. The Right Critical Use of the Bible.
VI. The Right Historical Use of the Bible.
VII. The Right Ethical and Spiritual Use of the Bible.

“The Gospel doth not so much consist in verbis as in virtute.”
John Smith.

“Liberty in prophesying, without prescribing authoritatively to other men’s consciences, and becoming lords and masters of their faith—a necessity derived from the consideration of the difficulty of Scripture in questions controverted, and the uncertainty of any internal medium of interpretation.”

Jeremy Taylor.

“To those who follow their reason in the interpretation of the Scriptures, God will either give his grace for assistance to find the truth, or His pardon if they miss it.”
Lord Falkland.

[Rational Theology in England in the Seventeenth Century; John Tulloch, D.D., II: 181, I:398, I:160]

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Neo-evangelical work not supporting the inerrancy of the Bible. I do not agree with this man's position but offer this work for analysis of their position.

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