Marshall, W. – The Gospel Mystery of Sanctification

Walter Marshall was an English Presbyterian minister – a Puritan – best known today for this excellent work on sanctification. Born in 1628, he was forced to leave his parish in the infamous Great Ejection of 1662. However, he remained faithful to the call of God, shortly finding another congregation which he pastored until his death in 1680.

Machen Life of Christ

In Machen Life of Christ Machen deals with the life of Christ. His divisions are: 1) The Preparation, 2) the first coming of Christ, 3) His baptism, 4) the early Judean Ministry, 5) the beginning of the Galilaean Ministry, 6) Christ’s period of popularity, 7) the Turning point, 8) Jesus as Messiah, and 9) the prediction of the Cross

Machen, J.G. – Importance of Christian Scholarship

In Importance of Christian Scholarship by Machen, he examines why Christians should be extremely concerned with excellence in education. The first section is Christian excellence in education’s bearing on evangelism. The second section is its bearing on the defence of the faith, our basic foundational beliefs, and the third section is its bearing on the building up of the church.

Mackay, W.P. – Grace and truth came by Jesus Christ

In this 6 chapter book by Mackay (Presbyterian), Grace and truth came by Jesus Christ, he presents us with 6 topics, Our Condemnation, Justification, Regeneration, Assurance, Comforter, and State. Note that this is the 1875 edition of the book, and that the 1881 edition has 12 chapters.

Machen, J.G. – On the Deity of Christ

In this work by Machen, On the Deity of Christ, he first addresses the question of the deity of Christ, then he examines the Scriptures to see if they really teach this. Next he examies Christ’s deity in the sermon on the mount, and what Christ Himself actually taught. Finally he treats in three chapters the supernatural quality of Christ, His resurrection, and the testimony of Paul to Christ.

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