Miller, J.R. – Making the Most of Life

This is a 25 chapter devotional work with chapters such as “making the most of life”, “Laid on God’s Altar”, “Christ’s Interest in our Common Life”, “Getting Christ’s Touch”, “Doing things for Christ”, “Swiftness in Duty”, “the Sin of Ingratitude”, “Some secrets of Happy Home Life”, “unfinished life building”, etc.

Miller-Evidence from Scripture & History of Second Coming of Christ

This is a collection of lectures by William Miller (1782-1849), a 19th century preacher who managed to convince himself and thousands of others that Jesus would return in 1844. Born a Baptist, he became a Deist and Freemason. After he fought in the war of 1812, he had a spiritual epiphany, and was called back to Baptism. After much study, Miller became convinced that Biblical chronology pointed to the immiment end of the world, and in 1832, was confident enough to publicize his beliefs.

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