Bristol, S. – Paracletos, or The Baptism of the Holy Ghost

In this work (14 chapters) by Bristol (Congregationalist), he first defines “paracletos”, then examines the Work of the Holy Spirit under the Mosaic dispensation, then under the Messiah, then the Pentecostal Baptism, not limited to apostolic times, the personal blessing, its relation to Christian work, conditions, counterfeits, how retained and how lost, testimonies, and the personality and divinity of the Holy Spirit.

Gill Proper Mode of Baptism

Gill Proper Mode of Baptism is a short four chapter work by John Gill on the mode of baptism. He first examines the biblical injunction to baptize, then refutes a Welsh Clergyman’s arguments in favor of infant baptism, and then attacks the Catholic background to this practice. I have added a personal study of mine, The Error of Infant Baptism.

Version 2 has reformatted the entire module and added the final chapter by David Cox (The Error of Infant Baptism). Note that this module is now under copyright and cannot be reformatted, format shifted, nor reposted by anybody except David Cox.

Baxter, R. – Studies for Young Christians

This chapter consists of twenty directions to (as Mr. Baxter says) “young Christians or beginners in religion, for their establishment and safe proceeding.” Though these studies were written specifically for “young” Christians, I think that you will find (as I did), there is much in here worthy of meditation for those who have been walking with God for many years.

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