Binet Purgatory Surveyed

Purgatory Surveyed
or A Particular Account of the happy, and yet thrice unhappy, state of the Souls there.
By Etienne Binet

This Catholic work by the priest Binet, is set up in 6 sections called surveys, where he examines different aspects of purgatory from a Catholic view. (1) the suffering of souls in purgatory. (2) A study of paradise (as part of purgatory). (3) What should be our love towards the souls in purgatory. (4) Our moral obligation to pray them out of purgatory. (5) A defense for prayers for the dead. (6) 12 means to prevent purgatory and shorten our stay there.


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PREFACE . . . . . . . . . v
ADDITIONAL NOTE . . . . . . . xi


PURGATORY is laid open, with all the hellish pains with which the souls are tormented . . . . . I

SECTION 1. Of the fire of Purgatory, and pain of sense .
SECTION 2. Of the worm, and pain of loss … 13
SECTION 3. Other considerations, much aggravating these pains …….. 25
SECTION 4. How long the souls are detained in Purgatory 33
SECTION 5. Whether their pains grow less and less . 41
SECTION 6. A notable example in confirmation of all the preceding doctrine …… 44


A GLIMPSE of the Paradise of Purgatory, or of the ineffable joys and heavenly consolations of the souls there ……… 47

SECTION 1. How these excessive joys can be consistent with their unspeakable torments . . 48

SECTION 2. Two grounds of their comforts; the double assurance they have of their salvation, and impeccability ……… 52

SECTION 3. More grounds of comfort, arising from their voluntarily suffering, their disinterested love of God, and exact conformity with His holy will … 58

SECTION 4. Another comfortable consideration, drawn from the desire they have to make themselves worthy of the sight of God 68

SECTION 5. Their suffering without merit, and the free exercise of their virtues without impediment, are to them special motives of comfort . . . 71

SECTION 6. They joy in the continual decrease of their pains, and influence of pure heavenly consolations . 76


THAT there is not in this world a more eminent or prudent act of fraternal charity, than to help the souls in Purgatory . . . . . . . .81

SECTION I. The greatness of the charity to the souls in Purgatory is argued from the greatness of their pains and their helpless condition ….. 84

SECTION 2. Our charity for the souls departed is preferred before all other works of mercy … 88

SECTION 3. Of the great advantages we receive by this devotion for the souls departed ….. 95


OF the powerful means to quench the flames of Purgatory 106

SECTION I. What succour they receive from the Angels and Saints in heaven …… 107

SECTION 2. Whether they are capable of being relieved by one another’s prayers . . . . . . 1 1 1

SECTION 3. That the dead may receive help from us that are living, and how we must be qualified to do them good . . . . . . . 1 1 7

SECTION 4. Of the particular ways we have to help them 123

.SECTION 5. Certain questions resolved, about the application and distribution of our suffrages . . .132

SECTION 6. How dangerous it is to trust others with what concerns the sweet rest of our souls in the next world . . . . . . .138

SECTION 7- Some motives, fetched even as far as the other world, to stir us up to be mindful of the dead . 143


How all antiquity was ever devoted to pray for the dead . 153

SECTION i. Of the natural instinct of all nations to honour and comfort the dead . . . . 155

SECTION 2. The constant practice of the Church in all ages, to pray for the dead . . . . .162

SECTION 3. A continuation of the same subject, from the sixth age after Christ unto our days . . .168


OF twelve excellent means to prevent Purgatory, or so to provide for ourselves, as not to make any long stay there . . . . . . . .176

SECTION i. The first, Perfect Contrition . . .176

SECTION 2. The second, to die in Religion . . .178

SECTION 3. The third, to be an Apostolical Preacher . 182

SECTION 4. The fourth, to Serve the Infected . . 187

SECTION 5. The fifth, a Tender Devotion to the Blessed Virgin ……… 190

SECTION 6. The sixth, an Humble Patience . . -195

SECTION 7. The seventh, Devotion for the Souls in Purgatory . . . . . . . .198

SECTION 8. The eighth, to be a great Alms-giver . . 201

SECTION 9. The ninth, Angelical Purity . . . 205

SECTION 10. The tenth, a Profound Humility . .210

SECTION 11. The eleventh, to Communicate well and often 212

SECTION 12. The twelfth, a Faithful and Exact Obedience . . . . . . . .217


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    1. Hi Paul, Very valid question. Somewhere I have already answered this (I believe on The answer is very simple. First of all, as a library I include works by people with views I do not agree with, for example cults, other denominations, atheists, etc. Although I do not agree with their position, I cannot study and answer their position without “original works”, i.e. works written by these people, for example, Ellen White of Seventh Day Adventists. So although I do include them, I want to clearly label them before you use them. (Other Bible software websites do the same, but they do not label them clearly).
      Secondly, this particular work I felt was valuable because not being Catholic, I don’t know much about it except what I have read and this would give me a survey of that material without having to go any further. That is valuable in itself. I label these works as Catholic, Jehovah’s Witness, even some Mormons, etc. because I see some usefulness in the work as far as studying their position. I have a Mormon work on how to teach a Sunday School lesson on, and again, I do not see where being a Mormon detracts so much from what he says.
      If you do not want to download the work, don’t. Thanks for writing. – David Cox

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