Bonner The Christian Hell

I am including this work from Mrs. Bonner (a feminist and atheist), because she outlines the secular history of the concept of hell. Obviously she will not give us a fair shake on the Bible’s presentation of the subject, but she will educate us on secular man’s view of hell. She has added 27 woodcuts from ancient times depicting what they imagined hell would be like.

Binet Purgatory Surveyed

This Catholic work by the priest Binet, is set up in 6 sections called surveys, where he examines different aspects of purgatory from a Catholic view. (1) the suffering of souls in purgatory. (2) A study of paradise (as part of purgatory). (3) What should be our love towards the souls in purgatory. (4) Our moral obligation to pray them out of purgatory. (5) A defense for prayers for the dead. (6) 12 means to prevent purgatory and shorten our stay there.

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