Mauro, P. – The Seventy Weeks and Great Tribulation

A Study of the Last Two Visions of Daniel and the Olivet Discourse of the Lord Jesus Christ. “I am come to make thee understand what shall befall thy people in the latter days.” (Dan. 10:14)

In this work by Mauro, he has two parts. He begins by examining some principles to guide the interpretation of prophetical passages. He then begins in the OT with the commandment to restore Jerusalem, and the details of the seventy weeks. He has two chapters on the Messiah, and then discusses the seventieth week. He deals with the question are the 70 weeks consecutive? Daniel’s last vision. Next he takes up “the King” and the time of trouble. The next section or part is the NT counterpart. He examines the Lord’s Olivet Prophecy. He then looks at Josephus’ description of the Seige of Jerusalem.

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