Lin Fresh Power to Preach the Gospel

Lin Fresh Power to Preach the Gospel

by Timothy Lin, Ph.D.

In this 3 chapter work, Lin (Bob Jones University) presents us with thoughts on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit in relation to the minister. His chapters are the Baptism with the Holy Spirit; The Filling of the Holy Spirit, and The Fullness of the Holy Spirit. Excellent work!

Cummings Through the Eternal Spirit: A Biblical Study on the Holy Ghost is a 25 chapter work on the Holy Spirit from 1896. NT and OT verses. Some Chapters: 4. The Spirit in the Word, 7. Pentecost: What it was, and what it did, 9. What Pentecost was for the church, 10. Pentecost in relation to the individual believer now, 11. "Baptism in the Spirit:" His being received, His "falling" on men, and other expressions. 21. Power. 23. Temples of the Holy Spirit. 315 pages.
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EUGENE H. MERRILL: “In this delightful treatise Dr. Lin makes a powerful argument for the reality of the presence of the Holy Spirit in the lives of modern believers and the need for them to be open to what He would do in and through them. He clearly articulates the differences among baptism, filling and fullness of the Spirit and shows how each is essential to the Christian who would enjoy a life of victory and effectiveness.”

Dr. Merrill is Distinguished Professor of Old Testament Studies, Dallas Theological Seminary

LESLIE M. FRAZIER: “This book is characterized by thoroughness, clarity and simplicity. Dr. Lin, with his language expertise, spiritual insight and many years of experience in Christian ministry, has given the Christian public a very useful tool to understand the ministry of the Holy Spirit in the believer’s life. The baptism, filling and fullness of the Holy Spirit are clearly presented. The filling and fullness of the Holy Spirit are so necessary to accomplish the Great Commission. May the Lord give this book a wide reading.”

Dr. Frazier is Far East Director, Baptist International Missions, Inc.

Note: Reviews to the first edition of Dr. Lin’s, How the Holy Spirit Works in Believers’ Lives Today. 3

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Lin Fresh Power to Preach the Gospel

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The title of this book is a quote from D. L. Moody’s book, Secret Power, 48-49. This work is a fourth anniversary revision of Dr. Lin’s How the Holy Spirit works in Believers’ Lives Today, with remarks and illustrations from the lives of several spiritual giants, mostly in chapter two.

Revised edition, July 2001

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What Baptism with the Holy Spirit Really Is 7

A. The Meaning of the Word “Baptism.” 7

B. The Historical Development of Baptism with the Spirit. 8

C. The Differences Between “Baptism with the Spirit” and “Filled with the Spirit.” 12


The Power of God Available for Effective Ministry and Life 15

A. The Importance of Spirit-filling. 15

B. Some Misunderstandings Concerning Spirit-filling. 19

C. The Purpose of Being Filled with the Holy Spirit. 22

D. The Conditions for Being Filled with the Spirit. 28

E. God Commands Us to “Be Filled with the Spirit.” 34

F. More Help Concerning the Filling of the Holy Spirit 37


God’s Life Producing Daily the Fruit of the Holy Spirit in Our Lives 44

A. The Distinction Between the Gifts of the Spirit and the Fruit of the Spirit. 45

B. Obtaining the Fullness of the Holy Spirit. 47

Conclusion 56


Lin Fresh Power to Preach the Gospel

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