Alexander Consolation

Alexander Consolation: Addresses to the Suffering of the People of God. (Discourses on Select Topics, Address to the Suffering People of God)by James W. Alexander (1852)


Murray Andrew Master's Indwelling
is a 13 chapter work on how the Christian's relationship with Our Lord Jesus Christ should be. Chapters are... Carnal Christians, The Self Life, Waiting on God, Entrance into Rest, the Kingdom First, Christ our Life, Christ's Humility our Salvation, Complete Surrender, Dead with Christ, Joy in the Holy Ghost, Triumph of Faith, Source of Power in Prayer, That God may be all in all.
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1. Preface
2. The PROVIDENCE of God—a ground of consolation.
3. The PROVIDENCE of God—in its application to the whole path of life.
4. The OMNIPOTENCE of God—a ground of enlarged Christian expectation.
5. The GOODNESS of God—a refuge in time of trouble.
6. The soul sustained by hope rising to ASSURANCE.
7. Rest in God.
8. Christian joy expelling the distresses of the soul.
9. Consolation derived from the uses of chastisement.
10. Holy submission of Christ’s will—a source of consolation.
11. Consolation from God’s promise never to forsake His people.
12. The believer sustained by the strength of Christ.
13. The compassion of Christ to the weak, the sorrowing, and the sinful.
14. Consolation under the judgments of men.
15. Consolation derived from a review of Christian martyrdom.
16. The AGED believer consoled by God’s promise.
17. Consolation in regard to departed Christians.
18. All consolation traced up to its divine source.

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Date:February 4, 2015

pc56 Just Say no to Witchcraft! Understanding Witchcraft. we examine witchcraft in the light of the Bible, your will or accepting God's will.

Topics: What is Witchcraft? | How does one practice witchcraft? | The Importance of Rejecting Witchcraft | How do we reject it? | Conclusion.
Excerpt: We must worship that God, because He is our Creator, and we must seek his moral guidance in life, and for whatever matter that we need or want, we must go to Him first to see if it is what we should seek and ask God for (if it is His will for us). Having established this, witchcraft is to seek spirits or occult principles to get what we want (our own will).
pc56 Just Say no to Witchcraft! Understanding Witchcraft.

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