Bellett, J.G. – Short meditations

Short meditations
By John Gifford Bellett

Bellett, J.G. – Short meditations module is a set of 47 short works by Bellett on various subjects.

The Mornings of Scripture.
Samson’s Riddle.
God’s Great Ordinance.
The Saviour and the Sinner.
The Secret of Life.
Convicted Yet Confiding.
Flesh and Faith: Their Energies from the First.
Abraham in Genesis 18, 19.
Exodus 12, 13.
The Cloudy Pillar.
Exodus 6.
Exodus 33 — Leviticus 9.
Exodus 35 – 39.
Exodus 33 – 40.
A Thought on Exodus 40 and Acts 2.
The Heavenly Calling and the Church.
The Atonement Money.
The Kinsman.
The Redemption of the Inheritance.
The Bitten Israelite.
Rich in God.
The Altar at Bethel.
The Shunamite.
2 Chronicles 6: 1, 2.
Nehemiah 8.
Day of Visitation — Bethsaida.
Journeys to Jerusalem.
The Two Debtors.
The Accomplished Decease.
Divine Manifestations.
Divine Intimacy.
The Journey to Samaria.
Samaria — Galilee — Judea.
Peter in John 21.
The Son of Man in Heaven.
Paul at Miletus.
The Obedience of Faith.
Justification by Faith.
Eras of Resurrection.

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fam26 Wise advice for youth version 2.1
is a tract for helping youth to consider the wisdom and guidance of their parents.
Excerpt: Youth is a time of much energy, strength, and activity. They “get bored” very easily because they always want to go, move, have experiences, and do things (but they do not include work in these desires as a rule). To be quiet, calm, and have patience is not normal for youth. On the other hand, the “beauty” of age is its experiences and understanding (wisdom). (They have been down life’s road before and made all these mistakes themselves, in their own life.)
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