Zukeran – The World of the Occult

Zukeran – The World of the Occult

The World of the Occult
By Zukeran

This article is taken with permission from the Probe Ministries website below…

The World of the Occult : A Christian Worldview Perspective

Baxter Directions for a Peaceful Death
is an article of 15 points on a Christian approaching his death and what he should be thinking about. This theme is good for the sick, but everybody should also meditate on these things. (Baxter is reformed).

This module is broken up into …

An Occult Overview
The Dangers of the Ocult
Investigating Occult Phenomena
Witnessing to those in the Ocult
Deliverance from the Occult

It is a wake up to the reality of the spiritual dangers of the Ocult. This is a good introduction to what the ocult is all about. Many Christians today play with the Ocult in forms that they do not realize what they are doing. By watching TV shows and following mystical TV, Movies, books, etc. they are actually slowly working their way into the occutl.

It is very important, especially for parents and teens, to recognize what is the occutl (this article is a good starting point) and then reject it. It will only do you harm, and there is no good in it, and this is not what God intended as recreation.

About Pat Zukeran

Patrick Zukeran served on the staff of Probe Ministries for 22 years, having received graduate degrees from Dallas Theological Seminary (Th.M) and Southern Evangelical Seminary (D.Min). He presently serves on the faculty of the Bible Institute of Hawaii (www.biblehawaii.org) and is the Director of the Pacific Apologetics Center (www.pacificapologetics.org) based in Hawaii. He serves on the faculty of several Christian colleges around the world. He has a national and international speaking and teaching ministry, and also hosts a national and international radio show “Evidence and Answers” (www.evidenceandanswers.org). Pat has authored several books including The Apologetics of Jesus, co-authored with Norman Geisler, Unless I See, and served as editor of God, Eternity, and Spirituality. Pat can be reached at pat@biblehawaii.org. source

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Date:November 23, 2015

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