Making the Most of Life

by J.R. Miller


This is a 25 chapter devotional work with chapters such as “making the most of life”, “Laid on God’s Altar”, “Christ’s Interest in our Common Life”, “Getting Christ’s Touch”, “Doing things for Christ”, “Swiftness in Duty”, “the Sin of Ingratitude”, “Some secrets of Happy Home Life”, “unfinished life building”, etc.

Evaluation by David Cox

I would recommend this work, but with the note that it is a devotional work with many poems and lyrics.

Murray Andrew Master's Indwelling
is a 13 chapter work on how the Christian's relationship with Our Lord Jesus Christ should be. Chapters are... Carnal Christians, The Self Life, Waiting on God, Entrance into Rest, the Kingdom First, Christ our Life, Christ's Humility our Salvation, Complete Surrender, Dead with Christ, Joy in the Holy Ghost, Triumph of Faith, Source of Power in Prayer, That God may be all in all.
PDF: Murray Andrew Master's Indwelling.
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eSword: Murray Andrew Master's Indwelling.

Chapter Content

1. Making The Most Of Life
2. Laid On God’s Altar
3. Christ’s Interest In Our Common Life
4. The Possibilities Of Prayer
5. Getting Christ’s Touch
6. The Blessing Of A Burden
7. Heart-Peace Before Ministry
8. Moral Curvatures
9. Transfigured Lives
10. The Interpretation Of Sorrow
11. Other People
12. The Blessing Of Faithfulness
13. Without Axe Or Hammer
14. Doing Things For Christ
15. Helping And Over-Helping
16. The Only One
17. Swiftness In Duty
18. The Shadows We Cast
19. The Meaning Of Opportunities
20. The Sin Of Ingratitude
21. Some Secrets Of Happy Home Life
22. God’s Winter Plants
23. Unfinished Life-Building
24. Iron Shoes For Rough Roads
25. The Shutting Of Docks

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Miller-Making the most of life
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This is a 25 chapter devotional work with chapters such as "making the most of life", "Laid on God's Altar", "Christ's Interest in our Common Life", "Getting Christ's Touch", "Doing things for Christ", "Swiftness in Duty", "the Sin of Ingratitude", "Some secrets of Happy Home Life", "unfinished life building", etc.

Author:JR Miller
Date:February 5, 2015

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