Boettner, L. – Postmillennialism


By Loraine Boettner

In this 15 chapter work, Boettner (Presbyterian) examines the doctrine of Postmillennialism. He begins with representative theologians, an introduction, a statement of the doctrine and a chapter on “Inadequate terminology”. He then presents us with another 10 chapters on issues is and around the doctrine, like the world is growing better, the millennium not a perfect or sinless state, the 1000 years as a symbolical figure, principles of interpretation, etc.


1. Introduction

2. Representative Theologians

3. Statement of the Doctrine

4. Inadequate Terminology

5. A Redeemed World or Race

6. The Vastness of the Redeemed Multitude

7. The World is Growing Better

8. Material Prosperity During the Millennium

9. The Millennium Not A Perfect or Sinless State

10. Approaches by Imperceptible Degrees

11. The Thousand Years A Symbolical Figure

12. The Final Apostasy and Rebellion?

13. Principles of Interpretation

14. The Old Testament Sacrificial System

15. The Nature and Purpose of Prophecy

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Date:February 4, 2015

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