Kelly Church of God and the Ministry of Christ

Kelly Church of God and the Ministry of Christ on the Church of God. Chapters are: The Church of God, Reconciliation, The Ministry of Christ. The Brethren. and The Parable of the Tares.

The Church of God and the Ministry of Christ
with collateral points. In reply to the Rev. R. P. Carey’s “Remarks.”
By William Kelly.
(Published 1863, CBA/JRL/MU5597(8).)

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CONTENTS of The Church of God and the Ministry of Christ

Chapter 1 The Church of God
Chapter 2 Reconciliation
Chapter 3 The Ministry of Christ
Chapter 4 The ‘Brethren’
Chapter 5 The Parable of the Tares

The Rector of St. Saviour’s renews the controversy opened by the Curate of St. John’s. I thank him for his general courtesy, and for the opportunity of confronting another line of argument with Scripture; but I enter on the task with not the less pain, because I believe every point raised by Mr. Carey can be satisfactorily decided against him. For experience teaches that party-spirit is strong, and that, where one fails to convince, some at least are sure to be alienated. He who cleaves to nothing but God’s Word and Spirit, stands on vantage-ground, from which he should not descend to questions of self; and a sorry advocate he must be, if he cannot disprove the title of a politico-religious institution adequately to represent the Church of God. Conscious, on the one hand, of no feeling inconsistent with esteem and love for adversaries on either side, I will not, on the other, compromise the truth by seeking to please men, nor withhold a warning voice, where, in my judgment, the devices of our great common enemy menace the unwary.

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