Grant Revelation of Jesus Christ This commentary is Grant’s (Brethren) commentary on Revelation. It is a very brief commentary on the book of Revelation.

The Revelation of Christ
to his servants of things that are, and things that shall be.
Brief notes in interpretation
by F. W. Grant.

Published by Loizeaux Brothers,
Bible Truth Depot, 1 East 13th Street, New York.

Grant Revelation of Jesus Christ is Grant’s (Brethren) commentary on Revelation. It is brief.

CONTENT of Grant The Revelation of Christ

Section 1 — Present Things
Introductory. — Rev. 1
Ephesus: the Decline of the Church. — Rev. 2:1-7
Smyrna: the Double Assault of the Enemy. — Rev. 2:8-11
Pergamos: Nicolaitanism, or the Rise and Growth of Clerisy. — Rev. 2:12-17
Thyatira: the Reign of the World-Church. — Rev. 2:18-29
Sardis: Sleeping Among the Dead. — Rev. 3:1-7
Philadelphia: the Revival of the Word of Christ, and the Brotherhood of Christians. — Rev. 3:7-13
Laodicea: What Brings the Time of Christ’s Patience to an End. — Rev. 3:14-22
Section 2 — “Things that shall be.”
Part 1. Introductory. — Rev. 4 — 8:1
Part 2. The Trumpets. — Rev. 8:2 — 11:18
Part 3. The Trinity of Evil, and the Manifestation of the Wicked One. — Rev. 11:19-13
Part 4. The Earth-Trial. — Rev. 14
Part 5. The Vials of Wrath. — Rev. 15, 16
Part 6. Babylon and Her Overthrow. — Rev. 17-19:4
Part 7. The Consummation. — Rev. 19:5-Rev. 22

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