Kelly, W. – Joseph

by William Kelly

William Kelly Joseph is a 27 chapter work on the life of Joseph by William Kelly (Brethren).

Chapter 1 Joseph’s Early Days — Gen. 30: 22-25, Gen. 33: 2, Gen. 37: 2-11
Chapter 2 Joseph and His Brethren — Gen. 37: 17-36
Chapter 3 Joseph Prospered in Potiphar’s House — Gen. 39: 1-6
Chapter 4 Joseph Suffering For Righteousness — Gen. 39: 6-18
Chapter 5 Joseph Blessed in the Tower-House — Gen. 39: 19-23
Chapter 6 Joseph with the Dreamers in Prison — Gen. 40: 1-8
Chapter 7 the Chief Cup-Bearer’s Dream — Gen. 40: 9-15
Chapter 8 the Chief Baker’s Dream and the Issue — Gen. 40: 16-23
Chapter 9 Pharaoh’s Dream — Gen. 41: 1-7
Chapter 10 Faults and Forgetfulness Confessed — Gen. 41: 9-14
Chapter 11 God’s Interpreter — Gen. 41: 15-32
Chapter 12 Joseph’s Counsel, and Promotion — Gen. 41: 33-14
Chapter 13 Governor of Egypt — Gen. 41: 45-57
Chapter 14 Joseph’s Brethren Bow Down to Him — Gen. 42: 1-9
Chapter 15 Proves His Brethren — Gen. 42: 10-20
Chapter 16 Joseph’s Brethren in Self-Reproach —Gen. 42: 21-28
Chapter 17 Jacob Resists the Demand For Benjamin — Gen. 42: 29-38
Chapter 18 Jacob Lets Benjamin Go — Gen. 43: 1-15
Chapter 19 Benjamin with the Rest Meets Joseph — Gen. 43: 15-34
Chapter 20 the Crucial Test Applied — Gen. 44: 1-17
Chapter 21 Judah’s Plea — Gen. 44: 18-34
Chapter 22 Joseph Made Known to His Brethren — Gen. 45: 1-15
Chapter 23 Joseph Sends For Jacob and All — Gen. 45: 16-28
Chapter 24 Israel Sets Out, and God Speaks in the Night Vision — Gen. 46: 1-7
Chapter 25 the Names of Jacob’s Sons Who Came Into Egypt — Gen. 46: 8-27
Chapter 26 Joseph Meets Jacob and Advises His Brethren — Gen. 46: 28-34
Chapter 27 Joseph Presents His Brethren and His Father to Pharaoh — Gen. 47: 1-12
The history of Joseph in detail, here brought before us, only carries us to Gen. 47: 12, where his father Jacob is presented to Pharaoh, for at this point the Author’s closing days of his pilgrimage were rapidly being fulfilled. His pen was now laid aside, and he has since passed away to abide in the presence of a greater than Pharaoh or any earthly potentate — yea, of Him who is King of kings and Lord of lords,
Intermitting therefore any comment upon the deeply interesting account of Joseph’s skilful administration of the land and people of Egypt given us in the remainder of the chapter of the inspired record, as also the two following chapters (Gen. 48, Gen. 49), which the Author has already treated in his history of “Jacob,” we may be allowed to pass on to the closing chapter of this first book of the Bible, and add here the following words thereon by the same pen, which appeared many years ago:
“The last chapter gives us the conclusion of the book, the burial of Jacob, the reappearance of his sons left with Joseph, and at last Joseph’s own death, as lovely as had been his life. He who stood on the highest pinnacle in the land, next to the throne, type of Him who will bold the Kingdom unto the glory of God the Father, — that single-eyed saint now breathes forth his soul to God. “By faith Joseph, when he died, made mention of the departing of the children of Israel, and gave commandment concerning his bones.” His heart is out of the scene where it enjoyed but a transient and at best typical glory. In hope he goes onward to that which would be lasting and true unto God’s glory, when Israel should be in Emmanuel’s land, and he himself be in a yet better condition — even resurrection. He had been exalted in Egypt, but he solemnly took an oath of the sons of Israel, that when God visits them, as He surely will, they will carry up his bones hence. He had served God in Egypt, but to him it was ever the strange land. Though he dwelt there, ruled there, there had a family, and there died fuller of honour than of years, an hundred and ten years old, he feels that Egypt is not the land of God, and knows that He will redeem His people from it, and bring them into Canaan. It was beautiful fruit in its season: no change of circumstances interfered with the promise of God to the fathers. Joseph waited as Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Earthly honours did not settle him down in Egypt.” (Lectures Introductory to The Pentateuch).

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“Now unto the King eternal, incorruptible, invisible, the only God, be honour and glory, for ever and ever. Amen.”

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Date:February 4, 2015

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