Kelly Jacob

Kelly Jacob is a 27 chapter study on the life of Jacob by William Kelly (Brethren).

By William Kelly.

This is a 27 chapter study on the life of Jacob by William Kelly (Brethren).

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Chapter 1 Jacob Born and Young — Gen. 25: 30-34
Chapter 2 Jacob Deceiving Isaac — Gen. 27
Chapter 3 Jacob Blessed and Sent to Padan-Aram — Gen. 28: 1-9
Chapter 4 Jacob at Bethel — Gen. 28: 10-22
Chapter 5 Jacob Meets Rachel at Haran — Gen. 29: 1-14
Chapter 6 the Marriages of Jacob — Gen. 29: 15-30
Chapter 7 Leah and Her Four Sons — Gen. 29: 31-35
Chapter 8 the Wives and Their Maids — Gen. 30: 1-13
Chapter 9 Leah and Rachel Again — Gen. 30: 14-24
Chapter 10 Jacob and Laban — Gen. 30: 25-43
Chapter 11 the Flight from Haran — Gen. 31: 1-21
Chapter 12 Laban and Jacob in Covenant — Gen. 31: 22-55
Chapter 13 Jacob in Distress, and Praying — Gen. 32: 1-12
Chapter 14 God Wrestling with Jacob — Gen. 32: 13-32
Chapter 15 Meeting of Jacob and Esau — Gen. 33: 1-15
Chapter 16 Succoth and Shechem — Gen. 33: 16-20
Chapter 17 Dinah and Her Brothers — Gen. 34
Chapter 18 Go Up to Bethel — Gen. 35: 1-8
Chapter 19 the Patriarchal Name of God Revealed to Jacob — Gen. 35: 9-15
Chapter 20 Rachel’s Death — Gen. 35: 16-20
Chapter 21 Israel Put to Shame, and Isaac’s Death — Gen. 35: 21-29
Chapter 22 Jacob and Joseph — Gen. 37
Chapter 23 Two Sons of Jacob Contrasted — Gen. 38, 39
Chapter 24 Jacob’s Lowly Son Exalted, and the Proud Abased — Gen. 40 – 45
Chapter 25 Israel and His Sons Go Down Into Egypt — Gen. 46, 47
Chapter 26 Jacob Blessing Joseph’s Sons — Gen. 48
Chapter 27 Jacob’s Last Words to His Sons, His Death and Burial — Genesis 49, 50

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Date:February 4, 2015

ch49 The Biblical Pastor: The Biblical Duty
outlines the duties of a pastor.
Topics: Pastoral Watchcare | Threats to wicked Pastors | Spiritual feeding | Being a Watchman (warning and protecting) | Pastoral Visitation | Intercession by prayer | Pastoring because you love Christ.
Excerpt: The concept of “visit” or “visitation” refers to the pastoral duty (spiritual watchcare of others) in which he analyzes the problems to effect a remedy. This concept is basically “visit”. Jesus identified the true believer as a person which has the naturally emerging joy to serve and help others.
Read the tract: ch49 The Biblical Pastor: The Biblical Duty.

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