Aitken, W.H. – The Doctrine of Baptism: Mechanical or Spiritual?

In this Anglican work, the author examines Baptism from the perspective of the anglican point of view. His position is that baptism is spiritual, and even the baptism of babies will save their souls if the correct words and actions are performed, even though the baby, parents, god-parents, and priest are all completely unbelieving and uninterested in the events.

Christian, J.T. – Did they Dip? (Baptism)

In this 12 chapter work by John Christian (Baptist), he presents us with the case of Baptist Baptism was never by immersion until after 1644. His chapters are statement of the case, anabaptists of England, immersion in England, anabaptists of the continent, John Smyth, the Baptists of 1641, English Baptists before 1641, the Kiffin Ms. and the Jessey Church Records, Some Witnesses, a Challenge accepted, and Roger Williams.

Gill Proper Mode of Baptism

Gill Proper Mode of Baptism is a short four chapter work by John Gill on the mode of baptism. He first examines the biblical injunction to baptize, then refutes a Welsh Clergyman’s arguments in favor of infant baptism, and then attacks the Catholic background to this practice. I have added a personal study of mine, The Error of Infant Baptism.

Version 2 has reformatted the entire module and added the final chapter by David Cox (The Error of Infant Baptism). Note that this module is now under copyright and cannot be reformatted, format shifted, nor reposted by anybody except David Cox.

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