Archer Brief Study of the Tabernacle

Archer Brief Study of the Tabernacle is a simple study on different elements of the Tabernacle: Alter of Incense, Alter of Burnt Offering, Ark of the Covenant, Ten Commandment, Pot of Manna, Aaron’s Rod, layout of the camp around the Tabernacle, the Golden candlestick, the Court, the Laver, the Priesthood, Table of Shewbread, other furniture in the Tabernacle.

Talbot, L.T. – Christ in the Tabernacle

In this 20 chapter work, Christ in the Tabernacle, Talbot (Biola) presents us with a study of Christ in the Tabernacle. Among his topics, the high priest and sons, the court and gate, the tent, the brazen altar, the offerings, the laver, candlestick, table of shewbread, altar of incense, the ark and mercy seat, the day of Atonement, and the Shekinah Glory.

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