Gleghorn Urantia Book©

Gleghorn Urantia Book© is a single chapter work by Gleghorn (Probe) on the Urantia religion. Their “scriptures” is the book of Urantia. His sections run: The Origin of the Urantia Papers,and The Bible and The Urantia Book. Michael Gleghorn takes a hard look at the claims of The Urantia Book and finds it lacking in substance and evidence.  Compared to the evidence supporting a Christian, biblical worldview, this book and its associated cult members are simply spouting unsupported nonsense.

Boettner Roman Catholicism

Dr. Boettner’s careful and accurate review of Roman Catholic theology and his thorough and Biblical refutation of it has long been a masterpiece on the subject. The nineteen chapters cover every aspect of Romish belief and are presented here in five sections for the reader’s convenience. Combined with Hislop’s work, no more comprehensive review and exposure of the errors of Rome, their origin and their significance, exists in print.

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