Chadwick The Call To Christian Perfection

Chadwick The Call To Christian Perfection

By Samuel Chadwick

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Summary of Chadwick The Call To Christian Perfection

In this 13 chapter work, Chadwick makes a call to Christian Perfection. In this work he examines and explains Christian Perfection, taking in consideration Wesley’s view of it.

Evaluation by David Cox

In this work on Christian perfection, Chadwick examines the Scriptures relating to Christian perfection. Note that this is a common (foundational) doctrine of Methodism, coming from the Wesley (John and Charles). The basis for this doctrine is that by means of sincerely following a prescribed plan of spiritual activities (the “Method” of Methodism), a person may draw closer to God and be more holy. The problem is not so much with the “prescribed spiritual activities” as with the being “sincere”. Someone who truly loves God will draw closer to God (with the plan or without it), and therein lies the fault of John Wesley and his “method”. It does not work. Reading your Bible, praying long hours, witnessing your faith, etc. are all activities that many people do in the name of drawing near to God, but they are not even saved. Jesus rebuked the religious leaders (shakers and movers) of his day in Matthew 7 identifying them as people who do great works for God and supposedly are the favorites of God, and Jesus never knew them. Personal first hand knowledge and relationship with Jesus is what draws one closer to God. Understanding the love Christ has shown for us in his sacrifice, and desiring Him ARE the keys, but these keys are useless if the individual does not personally build his relationship with God.

Personally I like reading Methodist works. They have a lot of good content as a rule, and they stand very much on the other end of the spectrum of cold, fish-dead Calvinism, that believe and never moves their heart for the Savior. Calvinist’s would pretend to have great doctrine, and a good bit of their doctrine is straight from the Bible, but when we talk of really loving God and living our life as a constant sacrifice for our Savior, you will not find a Calvinist that has a clue on that issue. You need to go to the other extreme, the deeper life movement that formed as an extension of mainstream Methodism. While I disagree with Wesley’s second work of Grace (it doesn’t happen like that), I do agree that every Christian needs to dedicate his life to drawing nearer their Lord.

I would recommend reading this work, but keeping in mind that without a great amount of personal effort in drawing near to God, no amount of head knowledge nor spiritual homework will do the job.

Chapter Content of Chadwick The Call To Christian Perfection

Chapter 1 The Accent Of Wesley’s Teaching
Chapter 2 The Doctrine Of Christian Perfection
Chapter 3 What Christian Perfection Implies
Chapter 4 The Essential Element In Christian Perfection
Chapter 5 Christian Perfection As Interpreted By John Wesley
Chapter 6 Christian Perfection In Relation To Sins And Mistakes
Chapter 7 Christian Perfection And Temptation
Chapter 8 Christian Perfection: A Second Blessing
Chapter 9 Do The Scriptures Teach A Second Blessing?
Chapter 10 Is Christian Perfection Attainable?
Chapter 11 The Negations Of Christian Perfection
Chapter 12 Difficulties About Christian Perfection
Chapter 13 The Prayer For Christian Perfection

Chadwick The Call To Christian Perfection

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