Matthews, D. – I Saw the Welsh Revival

I Saw the Welsh Revival

by Matthews, David

In this 16 chapter study on the Welsh Revival, Matthews studies the revival and its persons, reflecting on some key events.

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Chapter 1 – Reminiscences of the Great Welsh Revival

Chapter 2 – The Revivalist

Chapter 3 – The Revival

Chapter 4 – Visiting the Aberdare Valley

Chapter 5 – An Agnostic Overpowered

Chapter 6 – A Glimpse of Gethsemane

Chapter 7 – Effects of the Revival in Aberdare

Chapter 8 – The Miners – Before and After

Chapter 9 – My Personal Experience of the Revival

Chapter 10 – Evan Roberts Visits Villages and Valleys

Chapter 11 – Events at Resolven and Hirwain

Chapter 12 – That they all may be one

Chapter 13 – Merthyr Tydvil and Dowlais

Chapter 14 – Mr. Roberts goes to North Wales

Chapter 15 – The Revivalist Finds his Cherith

Chapter 16 – Revival Repercussions


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