Mauro, P. – God’s Gift and Our Response

God’s Gift and Our Response.
ROMANS V.12. to VIII. 13.

Originally Published by Fleming Revell Co., Publisher London, 1910

In this work, the author author explores our situation of being in sin, God’s offer of salvation (various observations about salvation), and then our response to this salvation.


1. The First Result of the Work of Christ in Its Two Aspects, 6
2. The Two Parts of the Gospel: Forgiveness of Sins And Eternal Life, 9
3. Sin and Death. A Universal Dominion, 16
4. The Doctrine of Sin, 19
5. God’s Remedy For Sin in Man, 24
6. The True Sin Offering, 29
7. Abounding Sin, Superabounding Grace, 31
8. “And this Life is Eternal” 34
9. “And this Life is Eternal” (Continued), 37
10. Our Response and Our Responsibility, 42
11. Deliverance from the Servitude of Sin, 47
12. Walking in Newness of Life, 53
13. The Believerís Choice of Servitude 58
14. Deliverance from the Law, 61
15. Ìdead to the Law.Î Serving in Ìnewness of the Spirit,Î 67
16. Sin and the Law. Ìis the Law Sin?Î 71
17. Set Free from the Law of Sin and Death, 79
18. The Law of Christ, 83
19. The Indwelling of the Spirit of God 89


This volume is the continuation of the Study of Romans, begun in a former volume published under the title ìGod’s Gospel and God’s Righteousness.î * The ground covered by that volume was Chapter i. to Chapter v.11. The present volume takes up the study at Chapter v. 12 and continues it to Chapter viii. 13, where the threads of teaching concerning Sin, Death, the Law, and Eternal Life seem to end. A new subject begins in the latter part of this section, namely, the present ministry of the Spirit of God. This subject is a connecting link with the remainder of the eighth Chapter, which subject, however, we do not pursue to the end in the present volume.

* Companion volume to this.

The writer’s aim herein is practical rather than doctrinal. He finds in himself, and in others, a natural disposition to give attention to doctrine rather than to walk. There is in this a great and imminent danger. One may hold the most accurate views regarding the fundamentals of Christian doctrine, may be able to state them in the most precise formulas, may be thoroughly instructed in dispensational and prophetic truth, and may know familiarly the teaching embodied in the types and ordinances, and yet be barren of fruit. There is grave danger lest that which was Philadelphian become Laodicean in character ñ rich, increased with the best doctrinal goods (handed down from fathers with whom they were living, lifecontrolling truths), and conscious of no need ñ but lukewarm. There may be little, life where, there is much light.

These pages are written, therefore, not for the purpose of adding to the reader’s stock of doctrine, but with the desire and prayer that they may be graciously used of God to arouse some of His people from the apathy that seems of late to have been stealing upon the household of faith, and to encourage them to run with patience the race set before us, looking unto Jesus, the Author and Finisher of Faith. For we have need of patience, in order that having done the will of God we may receive the promise. P.M.Page 3

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