Bustin My Sheep shall never Perish

My Sheep shall never Perish

By Gerald Bustin

Summary of Bustin My Sheep shall never Perish

This is a short 3 chapter work by Bustin dealing with the issue of eternal security. Note that he believes one can lose his salvation, but even so, he offers extremely good exhortations for those who sin with impunity, yet claim to be saved anyway, and not in danger of eternal perdition. Bustin My Sheep shall never Perish

Evaluation by David Cox

Personally I hold to “once saved, always saved.” Having said that I believe in eternal security, I am immediately aware of the error of the Calvinists of Perseverance of the Saints, which is not the same thing. For the Calvinists, their statement of this doctrine is that no matter if a truly elect son of God errs into gross sin, and dies in that state, he will still go to heaven no matter how sinful and belligerent has has lived his life shunning the exhortations of God, he will still go to heaven and receive his rewards because he is elect. The practical effect of this Calvinist position is that there is no motivation nor desire to kindle and deepen one’s love affair with their Savior. This is an opposite extreme of believing that we somehow maintain our salvation.

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As a matter of fact, the biblical position is one of working to “keep one’s self” from sin, while understanding that our salvation is not dependent upon our own works. There are errors on all sides of this issue. The biblical position is not one of belligerence and impunity, nor is it one of working hard to keep one’s salvation, because if you fail, you will not be saved.

Bustin’s work is very interesting. Being of the opposite position of his, he has identified the truly biblical parts of the warnings given side by side with the promises of God. I would hold that one must try in God, and work to eliminate sin which is the whole of salvation, to get sin out of our lives. We do not work to be saved or to remain saved, but because we are saved. For those who would see their position before God as being so secure that they manifest impunity (sin without remorse), Bustin work would present grave problems as he brings verse after verse, argument after argument against such a person.

For me, I do n0t believe anybody can be saved without repentance, and this is remorse over sin to the point of causing serious and sincere actions and steps to remove sin from their own life. For that person, he is secure forever. For those who recline lazily on their election, they cannot read this work because it would destroy their confidence. Over good read.

Chapter Content of Bustin My Sheep shall never Perish

Who Are These Sheep? 2
What is Meant by Security? 6
Hard Nuts For the Unconditional Security Crowd to Crack 10

In spite of the fact that these are days when gullible multitudes, like little blind birds sitting in their nests of complacency, gulp everything given to them without considering its merits or demerits, there are those who want to know the truth and nothing but the truth.

Literally scores of thousands of my tracts — “Are The Once Saved Always Saved?” — have found their way around the world. Several different printing establishments are putting them out. I am finding that people are being helped to see the truth concerning this subject. This, together with the fact that I find multitudes who are being deceived and led away from the truth of the Gospel, has encouraged me to write this booklet. I well know that in certain circles I shall not be loved the more for having written it, but God speaks saying, “And thou shalt speak my words unto them, whether they will hear, or whether they will forbear.” Eze 2:7 Too, it is my aim to impart blessing to the children of God.

Believing it to be the will of God for us to share the good things which the Father bestows upon us, and that it is our duty to warn men against popular deceptions, I send forth this booklet with a prayer that it may do good.

Let those who receive light and help from its pages give praise to God by putting the same into the hands of others.

G. T. Bustin

formatted by David Cox (c) 2010


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