Alexander, J.L. – The Boy and the Sunday School

The Boy and the Sunday School

Sunday School By J. L. Alexander
Sunday School Lesson, Sunday School Lesson for Kids

This is a manual for Sunday School workers. It discusses various issues in working with young boys in the Sunday School context.

CONTENTS Sunday School


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Foreword     13
1.  The Home and the Boy     23
2. The Public School and the Boy      32
3. The Church and the Boy     37
4. The Sunday School or Church School     41
5. The Boy and the Sunday School     48
6. Fundamental Principles in Sunday School Work with Boys     57
7. Method and Organization     62
8. The Organized Sunday School Bible Class     74
9. Bible Study for Boys     93
10. Through-the-Week Activities for Boys’ Organized Classes     104
11. The Boys’ Department in the Sunday School     120
12. Inter-Sunday School Effort for Boys     135
13. The Older Boys’ Conference or Congress     138
14. The Secondary Division or Teen Age Boys’ Crusade     158
15. Sex Education for Boys and the Sunday School     176
16. The Teen Boy and Missions     193
17. Temperance and the Teen Age     202
18. Building up the Boy’s Spiritual Life     208
19. The Teen Age Teacher     215
20. Danger Points     265
21. The Rural Sunday School     268
22. The Relation of the Sunday School to Community Organizations     277

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Date:February 4, 2015

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