Gordon, S.D. – Quiet Talks with World Winners

Quiet Talks with World Winners

by Samuel Dickey Gordon

Author of “Quiet Talks on Power,” “Quiet Talks About Jesus,” “Quiet Talks on Personal Problems,” Etc.

In this 14 chapter work, Gordon (Congregationalist) presents us with devotional type meditations about soul winning. His work has two main divisions: World winning, and winning forces. In World Winning, his chapters are the Master Passion, the Master’s Plan, The Need, The Present Opportunity, The Pressing Emergency, The Past Failure, and The Coming Victory. In the second division Winning Forces, he outlines the forces that should be the instruments for winning the world, and how they play out in this. His chapters are The Church, Each one of Us, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, Prayer, Money, and Sacrifice.

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Contents of Quiet Talks with World Winners

I. World-winning
1. The Master Passion
2. The Master’s Plan
3. The Need
4. The Present Opportunity
5. The Pressing Emergency
6. The Past Failure
7. The Coming Victory

II. Winning Forces
1. The Church
2. Each One of Us
3. Jesus
4. The Holy Spirit
5. Prayer
6. Money
7. Sacrifice

Quiet Talks with World Winners

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Date:February 4, 2015

Tract: bs54 Why do Arabs hate Jews?
We explain this hatred in light of Satan hatred toward God and God's chosen people.
Topics: The Spiritual Battle | God Chose a People for Himself | Satan Hates God | Isaac against Ismael | The Prophetic Calendar | 1.) The Rapture of the Church | 2) The Beginning of the Seven Years of Tribulation. | The Battle of Armageddon | Lessons to Never Forget.
Excerpt: 1. God has everything under control. Things go according to His plans.
2. All of this is the beginning, and it will get worse.
3. The Christian hopes for the rapture, and we will leave.
4. The hatred of the world comes because we identify as God’s people, separate from sin, holy unto Him.

Read the Tract: bs54 Why do Arabs hate Jews?

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