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Evangelism is the duty of every Christian. Whether you share your faith a lot or a little, the Lord wants Christians to share the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Below are articles that can help you tell others about Jesus.

This is a 21 chapter work on evangelism which are taken from’s site. They examine various issues in evangelism and evangelizing such as foundations, why?, the four spiritual laws, actually leading someone to Christ, Gospel tracts, and various chapters on how to witness.

CONTENTS of Evangelism

01. Why Should We Witness to People? Issues and Answers
02. Foundations are First
03. Three Important Verses For Witnessing
04. Salvation is God’s Work
05. How to Memorize Scripture
06. The Importance of Prayer in Evangelism
07. The Do’s and Don’t’s of Witnessing
08. Law and Gospel
09. The Four Spiritual Laws
10. Christian CPR
11. Leading Someone to the Lord
12. Trust God and Go Witness
13. When to use Gospel Tracts in Evangelism
14. Evangelism in a Small Town Part 1
15. Evangelism in a Small Town Part 2
16. Knock,Knock!
17. Isolating the Gospel – video
Ray Comfort
18. How to Justify Sailing Past Sinners
Questions about Evangelism
19. What do you say to someone who doesn’t believe the Bible is God’s word?
20. How do you present the gospel properly?
21. What should I say if someone asks me if I’m a Christian?

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doct12 God incarnate
is a doctrinal tract about how Jesus is and always will be fully God, yet in time, he took on himself a human body through the Holy Spirit and Mary.
Topics: Definition of the Doctrine | Confusion about the Doctrine | The History of the Doctrine | The Humiliation of Jesus | The Kenosis of Jesus | The Divinity of Jesus | The Exaltation of Jesus | Why did God have to become man?
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