Westminster Confession of Faith

The Westminster Confession with Shorter and Larger Catechisms

by The Humble ADVICE of the ASSEMBLY OF DIVINES, Now by Authority of Parliament sitting at Westminster, Concerning A Confession of Faith: With the QUOTATIONS and TEXTS of SCRIPTURE annexed Presented by them lately to both Houses of Parliament.

Summary of Westminster Confession of Faith

This is the Westminster confession with Scriptures.

Chapter Content of Westminster Confession of Faith

Chapter I: Of the Holy Scripture
Chapter II: Of God, and of the Holy Trinity
Chapter III: Of God’s Eternal Decree
Chapter IV: Of Creation
Chapter V: Of Providence
Chapter VI: Of the Fall of Man, of Sin, and of the Punishment Thereof
Chapter VII: Of God’s Covenant with Man
Chapter VIII: Of Christ the Mediator
Chapter IX: Of Free Will
Chapter X: Of Effectual Calling
Chapter XI: Of Justification
Chapter XII: Of Adoption
Chapter XIII: Of Sanctification
Chapter XIV: Of Saving Faith
Chapter XV: Of Repentance
Chapter XVI: Of Good Works
Chapter XVII: Of the Perseverance of the Saints
Chapter XVIII: Of Assurance of Grace and Salvation
Chapter XIX: Of the Law of God
Chapter XX: Of Christian Liberty, and Liberty of Conscience
Chapter XXI: Of Religious Worship, and the Sabbath Day
Chapter XXII: Of Lawful Oaths and Vows
Chapter XXIII: Of the Civil Magistrate
Chapter XXIV: Of Marriage and Divorce
Chapter XXV: Of the Church
Chapter XXVI: Of the Communion of the Saints
Chapter XXVII: Of the Sacraments
Chapter XXVIII: Of Baptism
Chapter XXIX: Of the Lord’s Supper
Chapter XXX: Of Church Censures
Chapter XXXI: Of Synods and Councils
Chapter XXXII: Of the State of Men After Death, and of the Resurrection of the Dead
Chapter XXXIII: Of the Last Judgment

Scofield Plain Papers on the Holy Spirit is a work of 5 chapters by the editor of the Scofield Bible, C.I. Scofield. He was a great biblical scholar. I am presenting this work in various formats.
PDF: Scofield Plain Papers on the Holy Spirit
theWord: Scofield Plain Papers on the Holy Spirit
eSword: Scofield Plain Papers on the Holy Spirit
MySword: Scofield Plain Papers on the Holy Spirit

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Date:October 1, 2015

Pent08 Benny Hinn: False Prophet of Word of Faith Movement
Topics: His Background | His Deceptions and Lies | His Authority | His Doctrinal Heresies: God, man-gods, | Jesus took upon himself the nature of Satan | Weird stuff | Hinn’s False Prophesies | Necromancy.
From the Tract: Jesus took upon himself the nature of Satan Hinn says that Jesus took upon himself the nature of Satan, and the Jesus had to be born again. He says that the death of Jesus was insufficient to save us, and that Jesus had to go to hell after his death and suffer tortures by Satan and the demons for three days. Salvation according to Hinn was affected during and after these three days in hell, and not on the cross. Jesus said on the cross, “It is finished” John 19:30. He believes in the false doctrine that Jesus died spiritually in hell, and that is very popular among this group.
Read the Tract: Pent08 Benny Hinn: False Prophet of Word of Faith Movement.

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  1. Thanks for this module for my Android. There’s an online version of the Westminister Confession of Faith’s Shorter Catechism (WSC) that is quite nice and has e-sword and TheWord downloadable modules available at matt2819.com/wsc

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