Abbott, G. – Family at Home

Family At Home
By  Gorham Abbott

The author, Gorham Abbott, was the son of Jacob Abbott, and younger brother of John S.C. Abbott. He graduated from Bowdoin College in 1826, and studied theology at Andover Seminary form the class of 1831.


The Family at Home

Familiar Illustrations of Various Domestic Duties

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by Gorham D. Abbott, 1833

Section 1

The Sutton Family
Deference to Parents

Section 2

Speculation and suretyship
Decision of Character
Mutual Forbearance
Maxims on Waste
Female Dress
Sobriety and Moderation

Section 3

Health and Sickness
Looking for Things in Wrong Places
Good Thoughts in the Midst of Business
Where There’s a Will There’s a Way
Correcting Mistakes
Conquest of Evil Tempers
Ill-gotten Goods

Section 4

Changing Residences
Peace and Forgiveness
Kindness Among Neighbors
Courtship and Marriage
Care of Children
Family Prayer

Section 5

Advice to Young Tradesmen

Section 6

Helping One Another
Changing Employment
Respect to the Aged
Jesting, Foolishness
Christian Patriotism
Good and Ill Reports
Companions and Secrets
Government of the Tongue

Section 7

Common Sense
Help and Pity
Maxims Against Sin

Section 8

The Awful State of a Wicked Man
Sickness, Recovery, Death
True Riches
Crosses and Afflictions
The Widow and the Fatherless
Christian Contentment and Cheerfulness
Hints for Young People

Section 9

Rules for Daily Conduct
Brothers and Sisters
Decision in Religion
Consistency with Religious Profession
Advice for Children
Remarks on Religious Education
My Own Way

This priceless volume completes the trilogy by the Abbott’s on the Christian Home. Gorham Abbott (1807-1874) was the younger brother of John Abbott who wrote the other two titles, “The Mother at Home” and “The Child at Home.” “The Family at Home” contains 68 practical chapters covering everything from courtship and marriage to showing respect for the aged. These 68 chapters are brief but filled with wise and godly advice for the entire family. Sample chapters as follows: MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS, DEFERENCE TO PARENTS, PUNCTUALITY & PROCRASTINATION, MUTUAL FORBEARANCE, CORRECTING MISTAKES, PEACE AND FORGIVENESS, KINDNESS AMONG NEIGHBORS, FAMILY PRAYER, HELPING ONE ANOTHER, REVERENCE TO THE AGED, CHRISTIAN PATRIOTISM, MAXIMS ON SELF-EXAMINATION, TRUE RICHES, CROSSES AND AFFLICTIONS, THE WIDOW AND THE FATHERLESS, CHRISTIAN CONTENTMENT AND CHEERFULNESS, REMARKS FOR RELIGIOUS EDUCATION.

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examines femininity from a Bible perspective. It compares homosexuals being feminine. Topics: God created us, man, and woman. | The Spiritual Fight is within us ourselves. | A Device of Satan A Device of Satan | The Homosexual and Trans Angle | Highlighting the Woman, How She Behaves | The Crux of the Matter | To Be a Feminine Woman, She must attend to her adorning. | The Description of a Woman.
Excerpt from the Tract: 1 Corinthians 6:9 Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither… nor adulterers, nor effeminate… In other words, these people were doing the opposite of what God commanded them to do. Being men and having the command to act manly (1 Corinthians 16:13 Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong), they acted like women. For women, it is the command of God that they act feminine, to be womanly. To seem feminine, these perverts usually use a dress or skirt, and they never use pants, because they know that by using pants they identify themselves being masculine, and using skirts and dress with being feminine. But it seems like an impossible thing to fathom, but even homosexuals know exactly how to identify as a woman, men being feminine, in their rebellion, and Christian women can neither define what it is that God commands them to be, how to dress themselves as women, neither how to act feminine.
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