Murray, A. – Be Perfect

Be Perfect
31 Daily Devotions
by Andrew Murray
(9 May 1828-18 January 1917)

This is a 31 day devotional on holiness.


Andrew Murray (9 May 1828-18 January 1917) was a Christian pastor in South Africa. Murray was the child of Dutch Reformed Church missionaries from Scotland to South Africa, and the younger brother of John Murray. Educated at the University of Utrecht, he was ordained by the Hague Committee of the Dutch Reformed Church on May 9, 1848. He pastored churched in Bloemfontein and Worcester, Cape Town, Wellington, South Africa. He married Emma Rutherford Murray in Cape Town, South Africa, on July 2, 1856, and they had eight adult children (four boys and four girls). He was a champion of the South African Revival of 1860. He died on January 18, 1917, four months before his eighty-ninth birthday.

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Murraya-Be Perfect
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This is a 31 day devotional on holiness.

Author:Andrew Murray
Date:February 5, 2015

bs32 Should we seek the Holy Spirit?
examines the question of seeking the Holy Spirit, or do Christians already have Him. This tract presents the argument that Scripture clearly teaches that God seals the believer at the moment of accepting Jesus with the Holy Spirit. If that is so (and we show these verses), then God cannot allow a person to (1) believe and be saved, but (2) not have the sealing of the Holy Spirit indwelling.
Topics: The Spirit in the Old Testament | The Transition between the OT and NT | The Earnest of the Spirit When do we Receive the Spirit? | To be Saved is to Have the Holy Spirit | The Guarantee that we are Saved | The Explanation of Luke 11:13 | The Indwelling of the Holy Spirit within us | There are Consequences of the Indwelling Spirit in us | The Sequence of Events.
Red the Tracts: bs32 Should we seek the Holy Spirit? .

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