Adams, N. – The Sable Cloud

The Sable Cloud
A Southern Tale with Northern Coments
by Nehemiah Adams

This 10 volume work by Adams (Congregationalist) is a culturally dated book, being the views of Northern Christians examined by Adams (a Southerner in the North-South dynamic conflict of the earlier years of the United States). The issue most central of this work is slavery and Christianity. It may be less useful than other books except to historians.

Chapter 1. Death and Burial of a Slave’s Infant 1
Chapter 2. Northern Comments On Southern Life 5
Chapter 3. Morbid Northern Conscience 32
Chapter 4. Resolutions For a Convention 53
Chapter 5. The Good Northern Lady’s Letter from the South 59
Chapter 6. Questions and Answers 118
Chapter 7. Ownership in Man.–the Old Testament Slavery 150
Chapter 8. The Tenure 177
Chapter 9. Discussion in Philemon’s Church at the Return of Onesimus 205
Chapter 10. The Future 239

T.R. Simmons A Systematic Study of Bible Doctrine is a Bible Doctrines book of 43 chapters. The author is (according to the Introduction) "systematic, Calvinistic, Baptist, and premillennial". I am offering this work in various formats:
PDF: Simmons A Systematic Study of Bible Doctrine.pdf
Microsoft Word DOCX: Simmons A Systematic Study of Bible Doctrine.docx
OpenOffice ODT: Simmons A Systematic Study of Bible Doctrine.odt
EPUB: Simmons A Systematic Study of Bible Doctrine.epub
theWord: Simmons A Systematic Study of Bible Doctrine.twm
eSword: Simmons A Systematic Study of Bible Doctrine.topx
MySword: Simmons A Systematic Study of Bible Doctrine.mybible

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