Cox, D.R. – How to Install MySword Modules

How to Install MySword Modules is a brief instructional post on how to install the MySword modules into your android device.


The MySword program is a program specifically created for the Android phone, and devices. I do not have an android phone, but a small Android tablet.

As such, I am creating these modules from e-Sword and theWord modules, converting them into MySword modules.

Scofield Plain Papers on the Holy Spirit is a work of 5 chapters by the editor of the Scofield Bible, C.I. Scofield. He was a great biblical scholar. I am presenting this work in various formats.
PDF: Scofield Plain Papers on the Holy Spirit
theWord: Scofield Plain Papers on the Holy Spirit
eSword: Scofield Plain Papers on the Holy Spirit
MySword: Scofield Plain Papers on the Holy Spirit

NOTE: It is important to understand that I am using website software (WordPress) and this software is automatically adding an underscore to the filename, so before the module would work in your android device, you need to remove the underscore. I am also compressing the modules with PKZIP so that it will hopefully be quicker to download these modules to your phone.



should be renamed to


Now since I am compressing these modules to a ZIP file, this isn’t an issue, but some of the first modules I posted may have this issue.


Using a regular PC…

Download the module to you PC, unzip it, then upload it (via a memory device) or transfer program to your Android phone. You will need to look around with your Android phone to see where MySword is keeping its files, and upload the file (uncompressed) to that folder.

Using your Android phone…

Download the file directly from the Internet and an Internet browser to your phone. Again you will have to uncompress the file, and move it to your MySword files folder.


I cannot be more precious in how to install these modules because different devices are going to store things in different places. Basically MySword will need storage space, which for the main program is about 1MB, and then the modules can go up into the megabytes.

Please consult the website for more help.

with version 3.0, the modules are placed in one of the following folders (still inside the selected modules path, default to /sdcard/mysword or /mnt/sdcard/mysword): cloud storage

If you phone has a SD memory card, you can use this to store your modules, and there is an option to backup your modules and personal editable files to cloud storage (See cloud storage).

pc85 Carl Jung and Psychology
explains the origin of Psychology with spiritist Jung, which had contact with a spiritual guide. Psychology is from a spiritist, who got the "science" of psychology (which is in no way a science or scientific) from a spirit, Philemon. (This is a demon speaking to a human, which is a medium, and prohibited in the Old Testament.) I analyze what Jung says with Scripture.
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pc85 Carl Jung and Psychology.

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