Ridout Deadly Fallacy of Seventh-Day Adventism

Ridout Deadly Fallacy of Seventh-Day Adventism is a short 4 chapter work that  hits on a couple of key problems with the movement.

Ridout The Deadly Fallacy of Seventh-Day Adventism

By George Ridout

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In this brief 4 chapter work by Ridout in which he presents us with the problems of the Seventh Day Adventists. He looks at it generally in chapter 1, and then the prophets and prophetess, the absurd claims, and a concluding chapter.

CONTENTS – Ridout The Deadly Fallacy of Seventh-Day Adventism

1. Seventh Day Adventism
2. Prophets And The Prophetess Of Seventh Day Adventism
3. The Absurd Claims Of Seventh Day Adventism Examined
4. In Conclusion

wikipedia.org – general article on the Seventh Day Adventist Church

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