Baier, J. – Compendium of Positive Theology

The Baier/Walther Compendium of Positive Theology served as the systematic theology textbook for the first few generations of Lutheran Church — Missouri Synod pastors. Written in Latin, it is a revised edition of a classic work by the Seventeenth Century Lutheran dogmatian Johannes Baier. This edition contains an english translation of the theses at the head of each chapter. Later editions will offer the full text of the work.

Alexander, A. – A Brief Compendium of Bible Truth

Chapters from the book: Being of God, Personality of God, Unity of God, Character of God, Trinity, Divinity of Christ, Personality of the Holy Spirit, Creation, Good angels, Bad angels, Providence, Law of God, Man’s Primeval State, Fall of Man, Convenant of Grace, Incarnation, Atonment, Resurrection of Christ, Ascension of Christ, Mediatorial offices of Christ, Justification, Regeneration and Conversion, Repentance, Sanctification, Christian Duties, Prayer, Assurance of Salvation, Perseverance of the Saints, Sacraments, Baptism, Lord’s Supper, Lord’s Day and Divine Worship, Death, Resurrectin, Judgment, Heaven, Hell

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