Arnold, T. – The Christian Life: Its Course, Its Hindrances, and Its Helps.

The Christian Life: Its Course, Its Hindrances, and Its Helps.

by Thomas Arnold, D.D, Head Master of Rugby School, and Late Fellow of Oriel College, Oxford.

From the Fifth London Edition.

“As far as the principle on which Archbishop Laud and his followers acted went to re-actuate the idea of the church, as a co-ordinate and living power by right of Christ’s institution and express promise, I go along with them; but I soon discover that by the church they meant the clergy, the hierarchy exclusively, and then I fly off from them in a tangent.

“For it is this very interpretation of the church, that, according to my conviction, constituted the first and fundamental apostasy; and I hold it for one of the greatest mistakes of our polemical divines, in their controversies with the Romanists, that they trace all the corruptions of the gospel faith to the Papacy.”–COLERIDGE,

Literary Remains, vol. iii. p. 386.

This is a book of 30+ sermons on different aspects of the Christian life. Continue reading

Bullinger, E.W. – Ten Sermons on the Second Advent

Ten Sermons on the Second Advent

by  Ethelbert William Bullinger


by the REV. E. W. BULLINGER, D.D.,
Incumbent of Brunswick Chapel, Upper Berkeley Street, London, W.

In this 11 chapter work by Bullinger (Brethren, HyperDispensationalist), he presents us with 10 sermons on the second advent, including the importance of prophetic study, the interpretation of prophecy, premillennism, the calling and hope of the church, the church’s motive for service, the second advent for the Jew, for the Gentile, the resurrection of the just and unjust, and the judgment of the quick and the dead. Continue reading

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Date:February 4, 2015

Alexander, A. – Sermons By Archibald Alexander

Sermons By Archibald Alexander

These are 47 sermons by Archibald Alexander (Presbyterian) compiled and edited by David Cox.

Table of Contents
A Disciple
A distant view of New York
A Good Tree
A Practical View of Regeneration
A Word to the Young
Almost Christian
An Amiable Youth Falling Short of Heaven
Answer to Prayer Long Deferred
Christ the Believer’s Life
Counsels of the Aged to the Young
Counsels to Christian Mothers
Day of Judgment
Deceitfulness of Sin
Fixedess of Purpose
Future Punishment
Godly and Ungodly
Gospel no Failure
Importance of Salvation
Justfication by Faith
King of Terrors
Looking unto Jesus
Lord’s Day
Love of the Truth
Misery of the Lost
Nature and Means of Growth in Grace
Obedience to Christ Gives Assurance
Our responsibility to the poor
Peace of God
Poor Man’s Guide and Friend
Practical Directions How to Grow in Grace and Make Progress in Piety
Prayer a Priviledge
Preparation for Death
Sinners Welcome to Come to Jesus Christ
Unsearchable riches of Christ
Value of Good Books, The
Vital Piety
Wells of Salvation
What I Desire
What the Disciples Saw
Why halt between two opinions
You Fool!
Evils of War