Blackstone Jesus is Coming

Jesus is Coming
by William E Blackstone (1878)

This is an excellent book on prophecy (“became the veritable reference source of American dispensationalist thought. Over the next 50 years, Jesus is coming sold multi-millions of copies worldwide and was translated into 48 languages.”-wikipedia). Some of his chapters: Literal interpretation, coming does not mean death, the three appearings, the millennium, post-millennialism, pre-millennial arguments, the Rapture, the Antichrist, the Tribulation, Israel, order of events, etc.


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The angels said He would come again. “The same Jesus,” “and in like manner,” and they were not mistaken when they announced His first coming.

Chapter 1 – Jesus is Coming Again
Chapter 2 – Literal Interpretation
Chapter 3 – His Coming Does Not Mean Death
Chapter 4 – The Three Appearings
Chapter 5 – The Millennium
Chapter 6 – Post-Millennialism
Chapter 7 – Pre-Millennial Arguments.
Chapter 8 – Diagram of Events
Chapter 9 – Rapture and Revelation
Chapter 10 – The Church and the Millennial Kingdom
Chapter 11 – The Tribulation
Chapter 12 – The Antichrist
Chapter 13 – The Principal Event
Chapter 14 – Some Objections Considered
Chapter 15 – Israel To Be Restored
Chapter 16 – The Study of Prophecy.
Chapter 17 – A Practical Doctrine
Chapter 18 – Outline Of The Order Of Events
Chapter 19 – Anathema or Comfort
Chapter 20 – The Time
Chapter 21 – Signs of Christ’s Speedy Coming

Reader, do you know that Jesus is coming again.

He said, “I will come again” (Joh 14:3) and His word endureth forever, for He is the truth.

William E. Blackstone (1841-1935) would be the first to disclaim credit for any of his achievements. Blackstone wrote one of the most popular books on prophecy, simply entitled: Jesus Is Coming. Over 1 million copies have been printed since the book was first published, and it has been translated into at least 47 languages. Because of his humble nature, Blackstone would only use his initials W.E.B. as the author.

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