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Best Christ Could Not Be Tempted

Best Christ Could Not Be Tempted
by W.E.Best
Copyright © 1986

In this 19 chapter work, Best examines the issue of Christ and his possibility of sinning.

CONTENTS of Best Christ Could Not Be Tempted

Author’s Remarks
1. Introduction
2. Christ Was Never Tempted To Sin
3. The Doctrine That Christ Was Peccable Is Heresy
4. Christ Was Tested Apart From Sin
5. Teachers Of Peccability Proclaim Another Jesus
6. Jesus Christ Is The Unique Person
7. Christ Assumed A Human Nature
8. The God-Man Lacked Knowledge
9. Teachers Of Impeccability Are Not Guilty Of Docetism (Part I)
10. Teachers Of Impeccability Are Not Guilty Of Docetism (Part II)
11. Exegesis Of Scripture Proves Impeccability
12. Christ Affirmed His Impeccability
13. There Was No Sin In The Incarnate Christ
14. Christ Did Not Sin During The Days Of His Flesh
15. Christ Who Knew No Sin Was Made Sin
16. Opposite Imputations Are Inseparable
17. Sins Are Forgiven And Sin Is Condemned
18. Christ Was Both Priest And Sacrifice
19. Jesus Christ Is High Priest Forever

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AUTHOR’S REMARKS on Best Christ Could Not Be Tempted

The title to this book may startle the reader. However, the evidence for Christ’s untemptability should be considered before one closes his mind. The author has never believed that Christ was peccable; but like many others, he has taught that the incarnate Son of God was tempted but due to His two holy natures He never yielded. The reason for the incorrect usage of the verb “tempted” was the incorrect translation of the Greek verb peiradzo when considering Christ. This verb can mean to test, try, or tempt. However, a study of the noun peirasmos and the verb peiradzo will prove there is no justification for translating these words as “temptation” or “to tempt” when they are used in reference to Jesus Christ.

The idea that Jesus Christ could be tempted is unfounded in the Biblical concept of Christ’s Person. Since Christ did not have a sin nature, solicitation to do something contrary to God’s will could not be entertained in His holy thought. Therefore, He could not be tempted. A study of James 1:2-15 proves that temptation has no power over a perfect Person, but it does over a depraved person.

Unless the reader is willing to consider the Biblical evidence for Christ’s untemptability presented in this book, he need not read any further than this paragraph. The Bible says, “He who gives an answer before he hears, It is folly and shame to him” (Prov. 18:13 NASB). False principles and false rules of interpretation lie at the foundation of false doctrine. Therefore, Biblical evidence and not human reason must be considered as the foundation of every Biblical question. Hence, everyone who gives his opinion before he hears or reads the Biblical evidence is foolish. The Christian desires to know the truth and abide by its teaching.

This book will demonstrate the author’s growth in grace and the knowledge of Jesus Christ (II Pet. 3:18). More than twenty years ago he wrote his first book entitled STUDIES IN THE PERSON AND WORK OF JESUS CHRIST. That book, which is in print, dealt with Christ’s impeccability; but this second work, dealing with Christology, is an improvement over the first. The Lord willing, if the writer adds a later work on the same subject, he hopes by God’s grace that it will be an improvement over the two preceding ones.

Best Christ Could Not Be Tempted

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