Cummins, R. – Gethsemane


by Robert Cummins
Copyright © 1944

In this 14 chapter work, Cummins (Universalist) has no chapter headings. He studies Gethsemane, and what it means in the life of Christ.


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1. Gethsemane is the place of the Great Crushing.
2. The incarnation is a moral necessity.
3. Christ’s seeming unwillingness to do God’s will.
4. Christ’s seeming unwillingness (conti)
5. Sin causes a struggle in God’s will.
6. Humanity is cut off from God by sin.
7. The Efficacy of the Blood of Jesus
8. Jesus suffering the consequences of sin.
9. Christ separated from God.
10. The factors of Victory
11. The Price Christ paid
12. The purpose of God in the death and resurrection.
13. Epilogue

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